Rent Agilent N9912A FieldFox RF Combination Analyzer


Agilent Fieldfox N9912A RF Analyzer
FieldFox RF analyzers are designed to withstand your toughest working conditions. To accelerate your work, each operating mode has a task-driven user interface that saves time in the field. Step up to FieldFox – and boost your readiness.

The N9912A’s base function is a cable and antenna analyzer and it can be configured to include a spectrum and transmission/reflection 1-port vector, 2-port scalar network analyzer.

Cable and antenna analyzer
Fifty to sixty percent of cell site problems are caused by faulty cables, connectors, and antennas. Degraded feed lines cause poor coverage, unnecessary handovers, paging failures, and access failures on uplink. To avoid service quality problems, it is critical to keep cell sites’ cable and antenna systems in good condition.

Use FieldFox to make return loss, VSWR, insertion loss/transmission, one-port cable loss, and distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements. You can test antennas, cables, ilters, and ampliiers with a single instrument.

Rent N9912A

Return loss and DTF measurements
FieldFox can make both return loss and distance-to-fault measurements at the same time. This helps you correlate overall system degradation with speciic faults in the cable and antenna system.

The built-in cable editor allows you to edit existing cable types on-site, and save them as new cable types with user deined names.

Measurements in the ?eld without the need to manually calibrate
Each instrument is CalReady at the RF Out port, immediately following power-on or preset. This means Qit’s already calibrated and ready to make measurements such as one port cable loss, VSWR, return loss, and DTF measurements at the test port.

Field strength measurements
Field strength characterization is a common test performed by operators in the field. To make accurate measurements, the gain and loss of the antenna and cables need to be accounted for. With FieldFox, antenna factors and cable loss data can be loaded using either the front panel or the Data Link software.

Limit lines simplify testing
Limit lines or masks can be used for quick pass/fail testing of devices or frequency spectrums. FieldFox allows you to deine fixed and relative limit lines, for both the RF spectrum traces and S-parameters. Additionally, with a single key press, you can build a limit line table from a current trace, and add offsets or margins to simplify your testing process.

Rent Agilent N9912A

Field-proof usability:

Trans?ective display and backlit keys
The display is designed for easy viewing in indoor and outdoor settings and in direct sunlight and darkness. Access different display modes via softkeys.
Task-driven key design
Front-panel keys are grouped to easily and naturally perform standard field measurements
Speaker and headphone jack
Used for demodulated audio signal capability.
One-button measurement
Provides task-driven user interface to simplify the measurements.

Rugged design:

Water-resistant chassis, keypad and case design
The case is made from polycarbonates that withstand wide temperature ranges and salty, humid environments.
RF connector protection
A specially designed connector bay protects the RF connectors from damage during drops or other external impacts.
Dust-free design
With no vents or fans in the case, FieldFox resists dust for better equipment reliability
Meets tough environmental standard
Meets MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 specification
Gasketed doors
Protects instrument interface from moisture.

Modern connectivity:

USB 2.0 ports
Two USB 2.0 ports; can be used for data transfer, GPS receiver and USB power sensor support
LAN port
Used for SCPI programming, Data Link connection, and remote control via iOS device.
SD flash card slot
Use as a data storage device
FieldFox Data Link software
Transfer data remotely from the instrument to a PC for back office applications such as baseline analysis and report generation
Remote control capability
Remotely monitor and control FieldFox using an iOS device such as iPad or iPhone, via a LAN network connection

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