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N9923A FieldFox

The first step in ensuring that wireless communication systems are running at their optimum level is to verify that RF components in the system, such as cables, antennas, and filters are properly tested and kept in good condition. The majority of these tests are conducted in the field or in a warehouse, where bench top instruments are not readily available, testing space is limited, or where a power source is simply not available. Agilent’s handheld FieldFox RF Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is designed to make network analysis measurements in the field easier, convenient, and the most reliable.

Unmatched reliability for day-to-day tests

Whether you are testing a flight line for the air force, an RF system on a war ship, a wireless communication cable and antenna system, tuning RF components, or making other general purpose network analyzer measurements — the FieldFox RF VNA provides unmatched measurement reliability, stability, and efficiency for your every day test needs. The FieldFox RF VNA also builds on Agilent’s 40-year legacy of network analysis leadership in calibration, accuracy, and innovation.

Rent N9923A

Vector Network Analysis

The base FieldFox RF VNA provides transmission/reflection (T/R) measurements, or S11 and S21, with magnitude and phase. FieldFox VNA contains four independent, sensitive receivers. The receivers provide more than 100 dB of dynamic range for vector measurements of high rejection, narrowband devices such RF filters. The receivers also make possible full 2-port error correction with the Unknown Thru method, allowing you to measure non-insertable devices.

Return loss and DTF measurements

FieldFox can make return loss and distanceto-fault measurements at the same time. It helps you correlate overall system degradation with specific faults in the cable and antenna system. The built-in cable editor allows you to edit existing cable types on-site, and save them as new cable types with user defined names.

CalReady when the instrument is turned on

Save time and get right to work with FieldFox’s CalReady feature, which makes the unit calibration ready at either test port immediately following power on or preset. FieldFox is already calibrated and ready to make measurements such as S11, S22, 1-port cable loss, VSWR, return loss, and DTF measurements at the test port without having to connect/disconnect additional cables or calibration devices.

Broadband calibration

FieldFox allows you to make broadband calibrations, which means the instrument is calibrated over the maximum frequency range. After a broadband calibration, you can change the frequency range or number of points without recalibrating the instrument. The calibration is interpolated, and accuracy is maintained.

User calibration kit support

FieldFox supports many Agilent standard calibration kits. In addition to CalReadyand QuickCal, FieldFox also provides a comprehensive calibration utility. To obtain the most accurate measurement, users need to use cal kits that match their device connector types. FieldFox allows users to define their own mechanical calibration kits.

Rent Agilent N9923A

Power meter

FieldFox can connect with the Agilent USB power sensors to make average power measurements up to 40 GHz. Using USB peak power sensors, users can measure both the average and the peak power of a modulated signal.

Electrical delay and port extension

For in-fixture measurements, use FieldFox’s port extension or electrical delay capability to easily extend the reference plane to the device interface for accurate measurements. You can use the electrical delay capability to measure deviation from linear phase by removing the linear portion of the phase delay.

75 ohm device test

Most of the components used in cable TV systems are 75 ohm, like cables, filters, splitters and switches. You can use the FieldFox RF VNA to measure 75-ohm devices easily. QuickCal, combined with a 50/75 ohm adapter (eg. Agilent part: N9910X-846) at each port and a 75 ohm load, turns the instrument into a 75 ohm tester. Alternatively you can use any of Agilent’s 75 ohm calibration kits, along with a pair of 50/75 ohm adapters.

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