Rent Anritsu S820A Cable Antenna Analyzer 3.3 to 20 GHz


The Anritsu S820A is a portable, one-port microwave transmission line and antenna analyzer. Site Master S820A targets microwave site installers, point-to-point operators, radio manufacturers, PCS/Cellular operators, and utility companies that support microwave links. The S820A provides a convenient way to measure, trouble shoot, and verify transmission line and antenna systems compared to laboratory sized scalar analyzer or microwave test set. Site Master S820A extends the frequency range of the Microwave Site Master family to 20.0 GHz. The main application is to test and measure the full 18 GHz radio frequency band (17.7 to 19.7 GHz) microwave waveguide and antenna system.

Rent S820A


Broadband Frequency Coverage (3.3 GHz to 20 GHz)
Accurately Tests Coax/Waveguide and Antennas
Fast Sweep Tune Mode for Waveguide Component Alignment/Testing
Extended Range in Distance-To-Fault
K Connector®

Rent Anritsu S820A

Immunity to Live Site RF Interference
Synthesizer Accurate to 75 ppm
Internal Memory Saves Up to 70 Traces
Six Instrument Configurations with Calibration
Wattmeter Optional

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