Rent Anritsu SiteMaster S312D Spectrum & Cable Analyzer


Anritsu’s S312D Site Master

Anritsu’s S312D Site Master is the latest addition to the successful Site Master cable and antenna analyzer series. It builds upon Anritsu’s expertise in developing accurate, portable, rugged, and easy-to-use field instruments with a rich set of features aimed at simplifying life for field use.

The Site Master is the perfect instrument for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Public Safety system technicians testing the  RF performance of P25 and TETRA radios in the VHF/UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands. With its 2 MHz frequency  coverage, the Site Master works well for defense applications in the HF band. The S31xD is also ideal for broadcast and  cellular applications.

The high performance 1600 MHz cable and antenna analyzer can be used to sweep cables and antennas at the frequency of  operation using the Return Loss and VSWR measurements. The Distance-To-Fault (DTF) measurement can easily spot poor  connections, contamination, damaged cables, water penetration, and bad antennas. Site Master’s Frequency Domain  Reflectometry (FDR) techniques break away from the traditional fix-after-failure maintenance process by finding small,  hard to identify problems before major failures occur.

The S312D combines the high performance cable and antenna analyzer with a fully functional spectrum analyzer.  The –135 dBm noise floor is needed to find low level interfering signals which can interfere with LMR and SMR systems.  The Interference analyzer provides helpful tools to aid in diagnosing and tracking interference. The S312D can be equipped  with a cable and antenna analyzer, spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, channel scanner, Received Signal Strength  Indicator (RSSI), AM/FM demodulation, and RF power meter.

Rent SiteMaster S312D

Rugged and Reliable

Because the Site Master was designed specifically for field environments, it can easily withstand the day-to-day punishments of field use. The instrument is almost impervious to the bumps and bangs typically encountered by portable field equipment.


The menu driven user interface is intuitive and easy to use and requires little or no training time. A standard high resolution TFT color display provides visibility in broad day light. A full range of markers enable the user to make accurate measurements. Limit lines simplify measurements allowing users to create quick and simple pass/fail tests.

Take it anywhere

Weighing less than 5 lbs (2.3 kg) with its rechargeable NiMH battery, the S312D moves effortlessly from ground installations to anywhere where critical measurements are needed. Sophisticated charging circuits optimize the life of the battery. Replacing the battery in the field takes no time at all and requires no tools.

Six built-in Languages

The Site Master is equipped with local language support in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish.

Spectrum Analysis

The S312D integrated Spectrum Analyzer provides the ultimate in measurement flexibility for field measurements. The Site Master has dedicated routines for critical smart measurements including: Channel Power, Carrier-To-Interference, occupied bandwidth, interference analysis, adjacent channel power (ACPR), and AM/FM demodulation. These are increasingly critical measurements for today’s wireless communication systems. The excellent noise floor in the S312D is crucial for tracking low level interference.

Rent Anritsu SiteMaster S312D

Channel Power

The channel power measurement in the S312D provides great flexibility for measuring the rms channel power of P25 and TETRA signals. This smart measurement allows you to change the RBW/VBW, detection method, frequency range, attenuator, and preamp settings and much more.

AM/FM/SSB Demodulator

A built-in demodulator for AM, narrowband FM, wideband, FM and single sideband (USB or LSB) allow a technician to easily identify interfering signals.

Cable and Antenna Analysis

The cable and antenna analyzer in the Site Master is designed to provide field users with key measurements to sweep cables and antenna systems. The Site Master uses the superior Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) approach for its Return Loss/VSWR, Cable Loss, and Distance-To-Fault measurement.

The Site Master has the sensitivity to identify poor connections, damaged cables, water penetration, and bad antennas. It is also equipped with a special RF immunity protection that allows you to make accurate measurements even in RF rich environments.

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