Rent Bird SA-2000A  Cable Antenna Site Analyzer


BIRD SA-2000A Site Analyzer

This state of the art instrument incorporates a host of advanced features and capabilities that range from producing reliable measurements to increasing technician productivity with it’s unprecedented ease of use and powerful analytical and report generating functions. The SA2000 rejects on channel interfering signals to +13dBm, so you can test antennas located in active sites. Work when it is convenient – not just when a site can be powered down.


Frequency Characteristics:

Frequency Accuracy: ±150 kHz (75 ppm)
Frequency Resolution: 50 kHz
Frequency Range: 806-2300 MHz.
Return Loss: 0 to –60dB Max.
Input: +22dBm.

Rent SA-2000A


Color display.
Pass fail indication.
Store up to 60 measurements with time/date stamp.
Built in parallel port.
Serial interface supports data transfer to a PC with compatible software.
Number of Points: 238

Other Info:

Measurement Range and Resolution:

Range: Resolution:

Rent Bird SA-2000A

Return Loss: 0.0 to -60.0 dB 0.1 dB
VSWR: 1.00 to 99.99 0.01

Measurement Uncertainty (after 1 display refresh):

Return Loss: Determined graphically from composite of 42dB
directivity, 1.2 source VSWR. and instrumentation error.
VSWR: Calculated from Return Loss.
Test Port: Connectors: N, Female normally supplied.
Impedance: 50 Ohms.
Directivity: 42 dB, after calibration.
Measurement Better than 1 sweep per 4 seconds, test
Speed: port open, y-axis set to full scale.
Immunity to _> 13 dB interferer at desired
Interfering measurement frequency.
Signals: Maximum Input _> 22 dBm (Damage Level)
Signal: Output Power: < 0 dBm

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