Rent Rohde & Schwarz  FSH8 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz FSH8 Spectrum Analyzer

The R&S®FSH8 is a spectrum analyzer and depending on the model and the options installed – a power meter, a cable and antenna tester and a two-port vector network analyzer. It provides the three most important RF analysis functions that an RF service technician or an installation and maintenance team needs to solve daily routine measurement tasks. For example, it can be used for maintaining or installing transmitter systems, checking cables and antennas, assessing signal quality in broadcasting, radiocommunications and service, measuring electric field strength or in simple lab applications. The R&S®FSH8 can perform any of these tasks quickly, reliably and with high measurement accuracy.

Weighing only 3 kg, the R&S®R&S®FSH8 is a handy instrument. All frequently used functions have their own function keys and are within fingertip reach. The brilliant color display is easy to read even under poor lighting conditions, and it has a monochrome mode for extreme conditions.

The capacity of the R&S®FSH8 battery enables uninterrupted operation for up to 4.5 hours. The battery is changed within seconds. And if it rains? No problem – all connectors are splash-proof.

Power measurements on pulsed signals
By means of the TDMA POWER function, the R&S®FSH8 performs time-domain power measurements within a time division multiple access (TDMA) timeslot. To make work easier for the user, all required instrument settings are already predefined for the GSM and EDGE standards.

Rent FSH8 

Channel power measurements
The R&S®FSH8 determines the power of a definable transmission channel by means of the channel power measurement function. A channel power measurement for the LTE, 3GPP WCDMA, cdmaOne and CDMA2000® 1x digital mobile radio standards is performed at a keystroke.

Field strength measurements with directional antennas
When measuring electric field strength, the R&S®FSH8 takes into account the specific antenna factors of the connected antenna. The field strength is displayed directly in dBµV/m. If W/m2 is selected, the power flux density is calculated and displayed. In addition, frequency dependent loss or gain, e.g. of a cable or amplifier, can be corrected. For simple result analysis, the R&S®FSH8 provides two user-definable limit lines with automatic limit monitoring.

Quick function selection via keypad and rotary knob
The R&S®FSH4/FSH8 is operated via the keypad and rotary knob. The selected function can be activated directly using the Enter button integrated into the rotary knob. The vertical design puts all operating elements within fingertip reach. The MODE key is used to switch between the various operating modes such as “spectrum analyzer“, “vector network analyzer“, “digital modulation analysis“ and “power meter“.

All basic settings can be conveniently made in a straightforward list. Measurement results, including instrument settings, are saved to the internal memory, the replaceable SD memory card or to a USB stick. Predefined instrument settings can be locked to prevent them from being changed unintentionally. This reduces the risk of incorrect measurements.

The USER key allows frequently required measurements to be collected in a single menu. User-defined instrument setups are assigned to softkeys under a user-definable name

Optimal reading of measurement results in any situation
The measurement results are easy to read on the brilliant, clearly laid out 6.5″ VGA color display. The backlighting of the display can be adjusted to the ambient lighting conditions. For use in extremely strong sunlight, a special monochrome mode provides optimal contrast.

Rent Rohde & Schwarz FSH8


Frequency range from 100 kHz to 8 GHz
High sensitivity (< –141 dBm (1 Hz), with preamplifier < –161 dBm (1 Hz))
20 MHz demodulation bandwidth for analyzing LTE signals
Low measurement uncertainty (< 1 dB)
Internal tracking generator and VSWR bridge with built-in DC voltage supply
Easy handling due to low weight (3 kg with battery) and easy-to-reach function keys

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